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* A non-driver application user must have a user role with View/Modify permission to the HOS Reports feature to add, edit, or delete an exception. Drivers can add, edit, and delete exceptions for their own logs.

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What is the purpose of the Exception page?

The Exceptions page allows drivers, supervisors, and other authorized personnel to view and modify the hours of service exceptions claimed by a driver on the driver's record of duty status (aka driver log).

To view all exceptions claimed by one or more drivers over a specified date range, see Internal Audit Reports.

Adding or editing an exception*

To add or edit an exception:

  1. Select an available exception from the Exception Type drop-down list.
  2. If prompted to confirm that the driver is eligible to claim this type of relief from hours of service rules, check the checkbox to confirm.
  3. If required, enter a Remark to explain why such relief is necessary (for example, "Heavy traffic due to accident", "Traffic detoured", "Declared state of emergency").
  4. Select the Time at which the exception should appear in the list of log events.
  5. Enter a Reason For Change to explain why it is necessary to edit the driver log (for example, "Driver chose wrong exception type").
  6. Click the Save button to save changes and return to the driver log.

* In order for the maximum benefit to be derived, it is generally best to select a Time after the driver has come on duty but before any driving period that would otherwise cause an hours of service violation to be reported.

Deleting an exception*

To delete an exception, follow the procedure for deleting one or more log events.