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What is the purpose of the Availability Report?

The Availability Report is intended to aid dispatchers and other office personnel in making an informed decision whether a driver is available to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). Availability calculations are based on drivers' recent electronic driver logs and the hours of service rules for their assigned rule set.

To view availability for one or more drivers:

  1. Select a driver's name or (all) from the Driver drop-down list.
  2. If country selection has been enabled for your organization, choose the rule set to use for calculations.
  3. Click the View Availability button.

* If country selection has not been enabled for your organization, each driver's configured primary rule set will be used. Country selection can be configured on the Organization Detail page.

Points to remember when viewing availability:

* To minimize load time for the Availability Report, change your Group Filter selection to a particular home terminal or driver group, rather than all drivers in the organization. Reports for small groups of drivers take less time to load than reports for large groups of drivers.

What information is displayed in the report?

Why is N/A shown for some columns?

N/A indicates that an accurate value cannot be computed or displayed for a driver.

Possible reasons for N/A to be shown include:

* If N/A appears for one or more columns for a particular driver, click on the icon in the Comments column on that row to see more information.

Why is a question mark shown for Driving Time Left?

A question mark (?) means that the system cannot confidently calculate Driving Time Left due to incomplete information. The number shown should be considered a "best guess" calculation based on the information that is available to the system; it is NOT guaranteed to be accurate. Drivers and support personnel should refer to the driver's paper records of duty status for a complete and accurate determination of driving time left.